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Your Community Cemetery

The Hummelstown Cemetery has been your community cemetery since 1859 and we have a variety of spaces and locations available. Within our gates are buried nearly 7000 people who lived from the Revolutionary War era to modern day.

The cemetery is located only a few blocks south of center of town and is 26 acres in size. We have earned a long reputation of being one of the best-maintained cemeteries in the region.

Unlike so many cemeteries that are part of large corporate conglomerations, Hummelstown Cemetery is a locally owned, non-profit cemetery, This allows us to pass along savings as well as provide perpetual care.

 Part of the Community

Cemeteries are a place of remembrance. A place where we can sit beside the final resting place of a loved one, friend and family member who has transitioned from this world. As a community cemetery, our mission is a bit different from the large conglomerates that run cemeteries across the country. We are part of the community. We take pride in providing the care for your families final resting place and the grounds surrounding it on a continual basis. Many times, we can provide this service less expensively than the large chains. When deciding a final resting place, consider your local community cemetery.

Military & Veterans 

Hummelstown Cemetery holds our military veterans in the highest honor. Each of our 830+ veterans, many of them recently identified, have been researched and their graves are clearly marked with a flag holder-type specific to their service record. Our list of veterans includes (7) Revolutionary War, (7) War of 1812, (2) Mexican War, (174) Civil War, and many other veterans from all other conflicts. In most cases, a brief summary of their service is available.

We are looking for additional information on any of our veterans. Contact us to share your veteran information, if they are buried here - or to learn more about what we already know about our veterans!

Note: To honor a new burial of a veteran, we will have our main flag flying at half-mast salute.

The people who live and work in the Hummelstown area are compassionate and care about each other. The Hummelstown Cemetery is a part of that community and wants to give back during people’s darkest times. When someone comes to us who has had an infant child die within our community or when a veteran who has served our country has passed, we at the Hummelstown Cemetery would like to offer them a free burial plot. In order to do this, we need your help. As a private organization, we completely rely on plot sales and donations. Would you consider helping us to defray the costs by donating today?

Pet Cemetery

Our pets are family and the Hummelstown Cemetery has carved out a section for a final resting place for those pets.

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