Some Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Hummelstown Cemetery have spaces available?
Yes, over 1,000 spaces available both Full and Cremation Sites.

How much does a space cost?
Contact Cemetery Office at 717-256-9153 for current price of both Full and Cremation Burial Sites.

What burial planning should I make and when for myself or a loved one?
Contact Cemetery Office at 717-256-9153 for guidance based on individual circumstances.

Where is my loved one or family member buried?
Use the “Burial Site” tab on our Web Site or Contact Cemetery Office at 717-256-9153

What are the costs of a Funeral?
Cost can vary greatly based on the needs of the family. Contact the Funeral Home of your choice.

If I call the Cemetery Office, when can I expect an answer?
Office hours are M-F 9:00 am till Noon. If you leave a message we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Where is The Hummelstown Cemetery?
186 S. Railroad St., Hummelstown,PA 17036. Call the office for directions.

Who owns The Hummelstown Cemetery?
It is owned by The Hummelstown Cemetery Association, a non-profit corporation.

How is The Hummelstown Cemetery funded?
The Cemetery relies on public and private donations and the sale of burial spaces. No tax dollars are ever received.