What Happens at the Cemetery When Someone is Buried?

When someone passes away, and there is a funeral, people sometimes wonder what happens behind the scenes at the cemetery.

The funeral home typically contacts us when someone has passed and the day and time of the funeral. Once we receive this information, we begin the work to prepare. Normally, we have three days notice in which to get everything ready for the family and the funeral.

The first step is verification of the gravesite. If you have already purchased a place to be buried, we check our computers and maps to make sure which site will be prepared. Our staff takes that information and probes the ground to be sure that we don’t violate any vaults already in existence. This allows us to accurately measure the four corners for the excavation team. The excavators typically prepare the grave the day before the funeral.

The day of the funeral, the vault team places the vault. The vault is usually made of concrete and acts as a protectant. The tent is set up for the grave service. The lowering device is also set up to be able to lower the casket into the vault. Our goal is to have everything perfect and ready for the funeral.

After the family has paid their last farewells and the funeral is over, and everyone has gone, the vault team will lower the casket in the vault. They remove the lowering device as well as take down the tent. The lid is placed on the vault. The excavator comes and replaces the dirt to fill the grave.

All of the flowers from the service will be placed on the grave, Our team monitors the grave as it settles and either adds more dirt or removes it as needed. After several months and all of the settling is done, the ground is level and grass is planted.

At Hummelstown Cemetery, we understand perpetual care and make sure that your loved ones space is well taken care of. For some, visiting a gravesite is a way to remember a family member or a friend so we make sure that the site is well maintained.

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